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Taylor Talk.

It's 2:20am, December 1st in my time. I'm eagerly waiting to leave this place for home. That's part of why I can't really sleep. (The other part is well I force myself not to sleep, so that I will not miss the flight. It's at 8am.)

And since it also nicely coincides with Taylor Talk at its 13th month (!!!), I guess I would just write something about it.

For those who have no idea what that is, 'it's a Taylor Swift podcast brought to you by the fansite'. As simple as that.

Taylor Talk came to me through kind of an accident. One beautiful November day last year, as usual I just randomly browse the Internet just to kill the boredom after finishing my O levels. And kind of popped out. What a nice fanpage it is. Great Taylor Swift stuff, written by a great guy named Adam. Another glance through the page, and I found this Taylor Talk thingy (by that time it's already in episode 3, before the GRAND interview with Charlie…