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Riding on Christmas Eve

Sunrise and cycling are two of my most absolute favorite things. Combining them gives sunrise hunting, and to be honest it's something I've been wanting to do for quite some time.

But then life happens and the plans are shelved. Until Christmas Eve. 
1600 Left NTU, heading for Pasir Ris, but... 1730 Took a detour and ended up at... Serangoon for dinner. KFC @ nex, $10 voucher for a $9.90 meal sounded really good. 1920 Finally arrived at Pasir Ris, where the planning really started. Supplies ready, routes finalised - do a Pasir Ris - Changi Beach - East Coast stretch, sunrise hunting at East Coast at 0705, then an East Coast - Siglap - Tampines - Pasir Ris stretch for bike return! 2010 Let the ride begin!
Initial aim was to reach CBP by 2045, because somebody decided it's a good time to ask me to post stuff at 2100. 
2130 After I was done posting (and wishing the requester a merry merry Christmas), I rode on to CBP, where a clear sky and blurry phone cam made a .98 moon look lik…

Review: The 1989 World Tour Live, presented by Apple Music

"Presented by Apple Music". Probably the most disgusting 4 words you could find in this honest review. I am not an Apple fan, and asking me to opt in to a 3-month Apple Music trial just to download The 1989 World Tour Live is a crime against humanity.

Yet because it's The 1989 World Tour Live, I'm willing to accept that.
It's been roughly 3 years since I last did a written review on anything Taylor Swift; back then the review was probably so biased I had to put a disclaimer (had a good laugh at how cheesy it was. No one read it anyways so it didn't really matter). 
Today's review, not that biased. I effectively put my tenure as a fan club manager on hold ever since uni started (that's before 1989). Still a member of the board but no longer actively engaging, which sort of pushed me slightly closer to the edge of the Neutral Zone. There's of course a 1989 World Tour show in Singapore (in fact 2 of them), but then there's Muse and running and my…