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How to survive with 50MB of data every month?

Pre-exam de-stress.
For the better half of this year, I've been enjoying the comfort of home - that is staying close to the people I love most in this world and having access to cheap 3G. How cheap? Well in prepaid terms there are a few plans, the most limited is 50MB for 10,000VND (just slightly over .50). I picked just that. Here's how I survived.
1. Use an Android.
Since the introduction of 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, data limiting is built in to Settings.
And since most Androids out there are running 4.x, we're off to a good start.
2. Use that setting.
There are two main settings to take note - setting limits & disable background data. First, set the "red" limit to the bandwidth cap i.e. 50MB. Then set the "orange" limit to slightly lower e.g 40MB. Most important, DISABLE BACKGROUND DATA. Because when you only have 50MB, every random sync counts.
That takes care of "passive" data draining. How about "active"?
3. Don't use …

5 years.

Today's a pretty special day. It's been exactly 5 years since I first set foot on this island.

For this, I've decided to do something pretty special. At this very moment I'm composing a blog post on my phone for the first time. And I'm on my way to NUS to join my brothers for a little celebration. Trying my best to smoothen the mobile writing experience... by taking the longest possible route out of NTU - a few rounds of CL-Red followed by Weekend Rider.

About two years back when Tumblr was still my favorite blogging platform, I wrote a "3 years and counting" post. Luckily I haven't decided to take down my Tumblr; and while I prepared stuff to write this, I decided to take a look. Most of the photos I used back then was hosted elsewhere and no longer accessible, so I was left with a rather short block of text, detailing some of the great memories I had with people.

And indeed it's the people I've come to know that made the last 5 years of my …