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Come on Apple. Just stop with the comparisons and I might like you a little bit better.

This is the season for developers' conferences - big events at the Moscone. Starting with Apple's WWDC 2014, keynote address this morning in my timezone.

As usual, I didn't stay up for Apple conferences. Simply not a big fan. Plus streaming requires QuickTime, which is pretty useless besides the streaming itself. So I waited for the whole keynote to be available on Apple Events, installed QuickTime (really Apple?), sit back and enjoyed.

And it was a pretty enjoyable keynote. Craig Federighi certainly knows how to crack people up with OS X naming. The whole Handoff setup is absolutely brilliant. And of course let's not forget Swift. (Makes me immediately think of Taylor Swift. No big deal.)

Except the comparisons.

Seems like they do it every year without fail. When they talk about OS X, they compare with Windows. When they talk about iOS, they compare with Android. And they only, and always, talk about latest version's adoption. OS X Mavericks vs Windows 8. iOS 7 vs…