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Short story: Germanium rings

So once again yesterday in my travels to Daiso, I came across a rather intriguing object.

The Germanium ring.

Well as far as I know, germanium is just a chemical element. Nothing special right? Was laughing really hard reading out loud the description and caution to my fellow traveller, until a staff noticed my taking of photos which is not allowed and we quietly walked away.

Anyways, I spent an entire day out yesterday with my two closest buddies in uni - double buffet, double movies, extremely bloated and stuff but hella fun.
(And did I mention that both the two preceding short stories contain elements of this? Just crazy how much could happen in just a day...)

So now to the most cheesy statement of the day, to end off my series of three short stories: You two gentlemen, you two are my most beloved germanium rings. One is good, but with two, the effect is doubled. And I'm pretty sure even though your colours might change in time, the effect won't ever wear off. Thank you for…

Short story: F9, F10, F11

Contrary to usual belief and even to my studies in computer science, the title of this short story has no link to those elusive function keys on the top row of every keyboard.

Since I moved to NTU, thanks to its general ulu-ness and being close to only one "major" shopping mall in the name of Jurong Point, I have more or less limited myself to enjoy only a few of the most basic leisurely activities. My most favorite is definitely movies, especially since I have my GV membership card which allows me to enjoy any normal showing on Tuesday for 6.50; that is .50 cheaper than the usual student discount which only applies until 6pm, and a full dollar cheaper than the discount associated with DBS/POSB cards. But then I usually enjoy those lunchtime shows, so I don't actually benefit much from member discount. But still have to accumulate 4 movies a year to maintain that membership so yeah, Tuesday sort of becomes my sacred movie day; I normally plan my timetable and stuff aroun…

Short story: The most awesome playlist ever created

Exam is a rather stressful period for everyone; coincidentally it falls on the same period as the final preparations for the race of the year - Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore - and running so happens to be one of my most effective stress reliever. Been clocking miles and conditioning and stuff and it feels really good.

Another important part of prepping for a good race is good music; and while my phone has been serving me rather well for short races, it is too clumsy to hold in longer ones. Bought a cable converter yesterday during my travels at Daiso and attempted to revive my old iPod nano. Playback controls slightly off, but still usable.

Only then that I paid attention to my rather long list of playlists and definitely this one stands out. Uniquely created to serve a single purpose, only used once, and untouched ever since.

The SCMS 2014 Half-M playlist, also known as Err let's finish this race within 32 Blank Spaces.

A little backstory: At that time when I was prepping…

6 years...

So another year has passed and it's that time of the year again to celebrate the most significant anniversary of my life to date - the very first day I arrived here in Singapore...

Just... no celebrations for this year.
Looking back,  02/11/2010 was Sec 3, still very care-free and of course still messing around;  02/11/2011 was Sec 4, in the midst of Os but still can mess around;  02/11/2012 was J1, best time of my life and needless to say it must be messy;  02/11/2013 was J2, right before As so of course must celebrate;  02/11/2014 was a Sunday so definitely could not deny an overnight stay at NUS.

For 02/11/2015, at this very moment, I'm at TR99 waiting for the rest of maincomm.

Undeniably the toughest period of my life. There are days (like today) when I just don't want to wake up but I still have to, just because I have to; just a few months ago these kind of feelings are totally unheard of. But one would say it's just part of the experience, of doing so many thing…