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An open (and extremely long) letter to the greatest 8-month relationship I could ever have. #foc15

T+11 days since camp.T+10 days since fried chicken.T+9 days since FOC is not over.T+8 days since FOC is not over part 2.T+6 days since FOC is never over.And T+7 hrs since I officially close the account.It's been quite some time since camp ended (for most of us), people are more or less settled into their daily routines; for me personally it's a year of huge responsibilities, and the pressure's already piled up (haiz venues). Find it easy to start penning down my thoughts, my thank you's and sorry's, but extremely difficult to finish them. Yes I have been writing this for the past 5-6 days.But the past 8 months have been something really special, and I cannot not write a tribute to all the wonderful things that happened during the past 8 months. After all, as a man of very few (and generally incoherent) spoken words, all the stuff I'd been saying to everyone is never enough.--To Tuấn em aka Chris Phan aka Chris Fabulous aka Peachy Bakey aka whatever you are tryi…