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Sundown Marathon 2015

I posted this photo on my instagram a few days ago. Cheesy captions aside, I was pretty excited. For this was my first attempt at finishing a marathon.

So how did it go?

Terrible I would say. So terrible that even 4 and a half days later I have yet to fully recover from the madness that is Sundown Marathon 2015.

This is an honest race review.

Before race I got myself a target of finishing in under 5 hrs. Preferably anything from 4:30 to 4:45. So I started out running a tad faster than the 4:30 pacers, knowing that my speed would degenerate over time. That plan worked out extremely well for the first 24km. In fact, counting the first 21 alone, I did the best 21 of my life at 2:14, 15 mins better that half a year ago at SCMS. And that's considering I stopped at all hydration and supply stations along the route, compared to last time when I was more reserved when it came to race supplies.

So far, extremely chill and rather full of confidence. But that's only until I reached the …