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Today is the second day of the new year. Usually this period is associated with luck; not for me this year, as over the long weekend I brought myself to an unfortunate conclusion regarding my loved Nexus 7.

It's more or less dead.

The dead process was rather simple: my touchscreen became unresponsive, I did a hard reboot and it never went pass the Google logo. Nothing major was stored inside (documents on Drive, music on Spotify and photos on Google Photos) so it was safe to wipe all data and flash the latest factory image, but the process failed halfway through. It was way back in January, but I had little time to try other fixes (damn you events), until this long weekend.

I was really happy to see that I was not alone; the specific failure is fairly well-documented online and people have been suggesting extreme (and weird) fixes - like tapping/ knocking on the back a few times while the Google logo is on (1, 2, 3). Did not work for me.

Then people were suggesting something even …