Short story: Germanium rings

So once again yesterday in my travels to Daiso, I came across a rather intriguing object.

The Germanium ring.

Support your life with the power of Germanium!

Well as far as I know, germanium is just a chemical element. Nothing special right? Was laughing really hard reading out loud the description and caution to my fellow traveller, until a staff noticed my taking of photos which is not allowed and we quietly walked away.

Anyways, I spent an entire day out yesterday with my two closest buddies in uni - double buffet, double movies, extremely bloated and stuff but hella fun.
(And did I mention that both the two preceding short stories contain elements of this? Just crazy how much could happen in just a day...)

Dated 26 June. Probably our only photo together - just 3am, 3 people, a cat and their bullshit.
So now to the most cheesy statement of the day, to end off my series of three short stories: You two gentlemen, you two are my most beloved germanium rings. One is good, but with two, the effect is doubled. And I'm pretty sure even though your colours might change in time, the effect won't ever wear off. Thank you for going with me through happy days and tough times. Please take care of yourself during this period and even after; we have a lot of stuff to do, scores to settle and photo ops to seize.

To everyone, all the best for your exam.

But seriously though, who invented that bloody germanium ring?


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