Short story: F9, F10, F11

Contrary to usual belief and even to my studies in computer science, the title of this short story has no link to those elusive function keys on the top row of every keyboard.

Since I moved to NTU, thanks to its general ulu-ness and being close to only one "major" shopping mall in the name of Jurong Point, I have more or less limited myself to enjoy only a few of the most basic leisurely activities. My most favorite is definitely movies, especially since I have my GV membership card which allows me to enjoy any normal showing on Tuesday for 6.50; that is .50 cheaper than the usual student discount which only applies until 6pm, and a full dollar cheaper than the discount associated with DBS/POSB cards. But then I usually enjoy those lunchtime shows, so I don't actually benefit much from member discount. But still have to accumulate 4 movies a year to maintain that membership so yeah, Tuesday sort of becomes my sacred movie day; I normally plan my timetable and stuff around that, leaving at least 3 if not 4 hrs for Tuesday lunch breaks.

And since JP is so far away from everywhere, and since it's a normal Tuesday work/ school day, the cinema halls at GV JP are usually very empty. That makes movies really awesome alone time. Really allows one to have his/ her own way of interpreting the movies without interference from friends and fellow movie-goers; and crying to emotional scenes becomes a little bit less embarrassing.

Another great benefit of empty cinema halls is that it is super easy to get the center seat - in my opinion the best place to enjoy a movie alone, since so few people are going and for some weird reason people like to fill in the backseats first. For GV JP Halls 1 to 4, the center is F9, and for Halls 5 and 6 the center is F11.

So if let's say you want to disturb my quiet movie time, just need to pick a movie that you think I would love to watch, pick a Tuesday lunch timeslot, and get yourself comfy at F10. Just as those elusive function keys, F9, F10 and F11 are always together in a cinema hall.

Got myself and my two best buddies the holy trinity of seats yesterday. No prize for guessing who's on F10.


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