After the previous two stories, one might think that I'm really miserable. Like stressful or sad and stuff.

The answer is too far from the truth. Well there were definitely a lot of great moments doing 15 and 18 for a start. But just the fun counted, this one blew all the other out of their windows. Especially when I got to experience it again and again and again.

12, for this.

Pardon me if I throw out too many boss names in the following lines. I simply don't have any subcomm.

To begin with, I would like to offer a sincere apology to J-boss for lying to you during my treasurer interview. It was pretty clear at that time that I was going to be the president of another organisation, yet I said I would have little to no commitment the following academic year. A pretty epic lie, but I figured if X-boss could president MSA and boss our club at the same time, and if I was that exceptional at counting money, there should not be any problem.

Indeed there was not. The only problem was that sometimes I was having too much fun that I forgot to do other equally important stuff.

The job of a treasurer is deceptively simple, even plain boring. Only 40-ish events to take care of, and only need to count? Simply not enough things to do given that I hardly go for Thursday trainings. So I started to branch out... by taking my fellow secretary's job of labeling emails. That's still related to my work because I need to keep track of my 40-ish events. Not enough, so I started taking over my fellow welfare officer's job of stocking the fridge and providing free meals. Now I was on my way to become the most loved person in the whole of CE...

Hmm not really, but I was happy when S-boss said I was definitely doing a lot more that what was asked from me. Truth is I would not be willing to do all that if not because of you awesome people. It's weird that at the beginning of the year there were so many people, then they started to drop out one by one, and in the end not so many stayed (and everyone went up to main comm), but that simply meant we got to see most of the same people day in day out. The same, dedicated bunch of people; people like JL-boss who literally is a one-man machine, who could have taken over my job if not for my violent objection; or the whole of Wednesday crew, always assembled, ready to take on any Wednesday event and enjoy Wednesday free meals as the name would suggest; and simply anyone and everyone who was there when I was busy coiling cables. Could not really count all the memorable days on the job. First solo setup? First time DJ-ing? Double-event days?

1st June was when I officially transferred the control of our reserves to our new treasurer, and it marked the end of my term. Sort of, since the transfer did not actually take place until last night. And it went past my daily transfer limit so there's still some residue in my account, enough to do free meals for the next year? Anyways when I first joined CE, it was more or less a little interest that I finally had a chance to pursue - the closest someone could be to real music without playing any instrument. The art of mixing is still complex as hell. But in the process of trying to master it, I got to do all the other things...

...and for that, the amount of fun is truly off the charts.

Enough that I decided to run a series of photos aptly titled "CE office hours =))", detailing the trials and tribulations of holding office in CE. It's facebook only so you need to friend me before seeing it. I do not expect it to end anytime soon though, for reasons that will come clear in the next post.

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