Short story: My favorite crapware at IT Show, March 2013

It's been a long time since I last touched this blog. Planning on restarting this with something fairly recent.

So there's this IT and consumer electronics show going on every quarter in Singapore. One perfect way to spend my lovely Saturday outside the hostel, even though going there is like going to hell because it's so crowded and noisy... can't move can't hear my favorite music from my lovely iPod! But going anyway since hostel life's getting very restricted and school life is so busy...

And every time I go there I never fail to visit this Indian crapware booth. Call it 'crapware' because it really sells crapware - lots of random, dirt cheap, warranty-free stuff. Call it 'Indian' because it's managed by a bunch of Indian Singaporeans (must make it explicit here. I'm not racist.)

This time (just a few hours ago actually) I was looking for some cables for my personal use and I came upon this two pieces of crapware:


Both 3-in-1 (30-in, mini-USB, micro-USB). One 'modular' - 3 components on top of each other, one 'mutated' - 3 components on the same plug (how is it possible???). Can't find stuff like this outside :)

Pretty hard choice, but in the end I took home the modular one. Quite sturdy so far!

I think I should stop going to IT show if the only thing I get is from the Indian crapware booth. But meh I don't need new comps, new hard drives, new cards whatever. Forever an aimless person walking through those booths with my headphones on then.


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