I/O: Maps preview

My primary comp is not good enough for the new Maps. Luckily enough I'm helping my friend reinstalling his comp, so I thought I could give it a drive for the sole purpose of testing.
The new Maps is immersive and impressive. I get an almost full screen Maps view all the time (Explore view and detail cards only pop out when I click on them. And they give very useful information.) The vector-based maps seem to load faster also, and the animations are fairly smooth, given the unstable performance of the test unit.
Only one slight annoyance though. It defaults to US and I have to search for 'Singapore' to get to my place. Well a more 'location-aware' Maps would be nice.
I would expect an even faster Maps as the final product. Highly recommend everyone to sign up for the preview, if you have a decent computer with Chrome.


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