Live from I/O: Keynote

All timestamps are in UTC. Unedited, pull straight from my Twitter using TwimeMachine, tweaked on Notepad++.

Wed May 15 16:04:38 #io13 time!
Wed May 15 16:07:53 First keynote with Sundar Pichai as head of both Chrome and Android #io13
Wed May 15 16:11:34 900 million Droids
Wed May 15 16:22:30 That's a bunch of awesome Play services updates... #io13
Wed May 15 16:25:53 Play game services! Cloud saves, Leaderboards and... Multiplayer matchmaking #io13
Wed May 15 16:26:11 RT @engadget: Google Play game services aims to integrate gaming across Android, iOS and the web, available today - …
Wed May 15 16:27:54 Demo hiccups are definitely part of the show... #io13
Wed May 15 16:31:28 Android Studio #io13
Wed May 15 16:48:24 Play Music All Access #io13
Wed May 15 16:55:28 AOSP on Samsung Galaxy S4??? #io13
Wed May 15 16:58:19 RT @googlechrome: Humbled by growth of #chrome since #io12. We've reached over 750M active Chrome users worldwide #io13 #keynote
Wed May 15 17:17:10 Multi-screen racing demo and a live 'oh shit' #io13
Wed May 15 17:18:38 RT @googlechrome: Celebrating 20 years of the web with a retrospective look back #io13 #keynote
Wed May 15 17:21:32 RT @google: New @chromeexp Racer lets you race friends across 5 devices: #io13 via @googlechrome
Wed May 15 17:22:15 Chris Yogars is my favorite presenter right now #io13
Wed May 15 17:26:33 Play for Education... Play Everywhere #io13
Wed May 15 17:30:09 Keynote #io13
Wed May 15 17:30:53 RT @googlechrome: Malaysian government is bringing Google Apps to their entire education system - 10M students - along with Chromebooks to …
Wed May 15 17:31:43 41 new features for G+ #whoa #io13
Wed May 15 17:32:36 RT @ericschmidt: Are you watching the @Google #io13 keynote? Plenty of time (and launches) left:
Wed May 15 17:41:25 RT @googledevs: New Hangouts bring your conversation to life with photos, emoji, and video calls. #io13 #keynote
Wed May 15 17:43:55 Ultra WhatsApp for Hangout! #io13
Wed May 15 17:51:47 RT @google: New Google+ Photos experience helps your photos look their best, without you having to do the work #io13
Wed May 15 17:51:53 RT @googledevs: Netiquette note: Google I/O is on now. We have a lot to say, so we'll be posting a lot more than usual. Thanks for followin…
Wed May 15 17:54:01 Pretty sick demos for Google+ Photos especially for non-professionals #io13
Wed May 15 18:04:07 RT @googledevs: Spoken answers with hands-free voice search are coming soon to desktop and laptop with Chrome. #io13 #keynote #io13chrome
Wed May 15 18:05:54 Now makes me want to own a real Jelly Bean #io13
Wed May 15 18:09:46 So I can just say 'OK, Google' then ask a question... #io13
Wed May 15 18:19:14 Google Play Music update is already now in the Play Store! #io13
Wed May 15 18:21:04 RT @TIME: 5 things Google Play Music All Access needs to match (or beat) Spotify | (via @Techland)
Wed May 15 18:33:37 Maps built from the ground up! #io13
Wed May 15 18:43:49 Full-fledge Earth in a browser! #io13
Wed May 15 18:46:16 RT @googledevs: The new Google Maps revealed: smarter search, bigger map, and more immersive imagery. #io13 #keynote #io13maps
Wed May 15 18:48:30 Oh a presenter with a husky voice... and that must be Larry Page! #io13
Wed May 15 18:53:05 A very touching speech by Larry... #io13
Wed May 15 18:54:40 "Being a farmer is fun if you want to do, but not fun if you have to do."
Wed May 15 18:57:17 An unprecedented Q&A session with Larry Page! #io13
Wed May 15 19:05:29 RT @google: Meet the new @googlemaps: #io13
Wed May 15 19:06:26 I guess that's more or less the end of the main keynote that was so interesting


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