Live from Google's July 24th event

My liveblog of the just-ended July 24th Google event. It was a thrill to watch, as with any other Google event!

Wed Jul 24 14:00:51 Staying up for 'breakfast with Sundar'... Nexus and 4.3 announcement hopefully!
Wed Jul 24 15:18:53 RT @google: At 9am PT, tune in for our live streamed event w/ updates from the Chrome & Android teams
Wed Jul 24 16:07:57 Sundar Pichai is on the stage let's begin this endless night
Wed Jul 24 16:08:45 He's grown a bit of moustache compared to I/O
Wed Jul 24 16:15:14 New Nexus 7
Wed Jul 24 16:18:04 1920x1200, 7.02", 323ppi... a lot more pixels!
Wed Jul 24 16:20:59 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro, 2GB RAM, wireless charging, 1 extra hour of battery, Android 4.3
Wed Jul 24 16:25:21 Multi-User with Restricted Profiles, Bluetooth LE, OpenGL ES 3.0
Wed Jul 24 16:36:21 Google Play Games app going live
Wed Jul 24 16:44:12 Wi-Fi 16GB for $229, 32GB for $299
Wed Jul 24 16:47:09 Nexus 7 video as usual to wrap up the Android section...
Wed Jul 24 16:51:20 Chrome section... Chromecast streaming solution for TVs
Wed Jul 24 16:52:32 Running slimmed down Chrome OS, USB-sized, Wifi-powered, controlled by any device
Wed Jul 24 16:55:59 Chromecast = Rethought Nexus Q
Wed Jul 24 16:59:40 Not just YouTube, also Netflix... I'm imagining Google opening up some Chromecast API so any bloody thing can be shown on a TV
Wed Jul 24 17:02:08 They are showing Fast Five in the demo (Y)
Wed Jul 24 17:05:47 Okay so the first (other) thing that works with Chromecast is Chrome tabs!
Wed Jul 24 17:07:46 Chromecast is a pretty slick device imagine 1080p Taylor Swift videos on my TV (Y)
Wed Jul 24 17:09:46 Yeap Cast SDK is live. So my prediction of "some Chromecast API" is right...
Wed Jul 24 17:10:44 $35 for a Chromecast - THAT IS THE PRICE OF A RASPBERRY PI
Wed Jul 24 17:13:05 That's the end of "breakfast with Sundar Pichai". Every single Google event is so bloody awesome
Wed Jul 24 17:22:36 RT @google: Meet Chromecast & the new Nexus 7: more easy ways to enjoy content you care about across your devices
Wed Jul 24 17:25:35 RT @googlechrome: Introducing #Chromecast. The easiest way to enjoy online video and music on your TV. For $35.


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