Impressions from the Apple event

Not a Google event so I'm not going to post my live blog here.

First thing, I'm really frustrated at Apple for not providing a livestream. It boasted its own iTunes Festival being livestreamed to 100 countries, yet it couldn't provide the same for its own major event. Well one positive consequence of this is the huge amount of interaction due to the lack of livestream (heck, I can't type that fast watching a livestream!), but still there's much to be desired.
Other than that, as with any other Apple products events, it's packed with a lot of hoo-hahs - 64-bit chip in a phone, fingerprint recognition, camera with burst, slow-mo, stabilization, fine-tuned exposure, etc. Seems to be a large focus on the "it just works" kind of stuff! Well I foresee a lot of Google+ Auto-Awesomes from this kind of camera.
And well since there's no livestream I switched to my favorite Taylor Swift music to kind of escape the quiet and creepy night (it's 1am where I am when it started). For one moment after the iPhone 5C announcement it shuffled to You're Not Sorry. And followed by We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. Coincidence? I think not.


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