Shake it off.

Shake It Off is one of these songs...

The first time you listen to it, it sounds like shit. But then you keep listening.
The 13th time you listen to it, it actually feels like an okay song... Then you keep listening.
The 131st time you listen to it... THIS IS DOPE AS HELL!!!

Of course this kind of stuff doesn't happen to all my Taylor Swift songs. Not even many of them - just 2 years ago for example, Never Ever was an instant favorite of mine. I have to admit this song is one hard to swallow because it's so much different from anything she's ever put out (true for every new release, but none as profound as this one. Again compared to 2 years ago with Red already considered a giant leap towards pop).

But then it still has the quirkiness that made Never Ever so likable.
And it was accompanied with a music video. And a brilliant one.

I have to wait for more songs to be released and most importantly for HMV to carry the physical deluxe album with gifts so I can go pre-order. For now, let's just shake it off. And have some dance party fun.


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