Short story: $1s

Was trying to forge new $1 coins for laundry. Put an old $1 coin into the sandwich machine (somewhere near Canteen A) & pushed the coin return button. And nothing came out. I pushed the button again and again and again... and nothing came out.

A few people have already passed by the machine since then & they all noticed 2 weird things: one, there is one guy walking back and forth around the area looking like an idiot, and two, there is $1.00 displayed on screen... but no one decided to buy a sandwich. COME ON PEOPLE $1 DISCOUNT TURN DOWN FOR WHAT while I'm thinking hard on how to get back that $1...

Okay so there are a few ways around this problem:

1. Put a $10/5/2 note into the machine, buy a sandwich and take the change. Tried my $10 notes, rejected. Changed my $10 note into 2 $5 ones, put one in the machine, also rejected. $2 notes are useless because $3 - sandwich = $.70 which kinda defeats the purpose of forging $1 coins. And basically wasting money on otherwise not-so-awesome sandwiches (is that why nobody even bothered to buy one with a $1 discount in the first place?)

Plan 1 = failed.

2. Just walk away. Minimize my losses.

And I did just that. 

However, on my way out, I got an idea... since there are still many old $1 coins in my wallet, why not go to some random vending machines nearby to try my luck?

So I headed to NIE (which is across the road from where I was). Pretty empty campus, ideal place to forge new $1 coins without being judged.

And it worked. Not just once, but SIX TIMES.

Mission accomplished? Not really. On my way out of NIE, I got another idea... why not come back to the sandwich machine to try my luck again?

So I headed back. And my $1 is still there... And I pushed my $5 note into the machine once more...

And it worked. THREE MORE. Plus a sandwich. Now it tastes so good.

And now I have enough coins for the next month of laundry. End of story.


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