Short story: Project Work

Just finished my lunch and got half an hour left to a group project meeting. Figured I could squeeze some time for a short story. Not entirely NTU-related but I'm still tagging it as such.

So the other day my friend and I were having a group project meeting (not the same project as half an hour later). It's a paired assignment for Engineering Communications where we are required to submit a technical proposal. Being the Microsoft Office expert I am, I showed her how to use the APA reference features in Word, which I learned during my Project Work days in JC.

And the conversation subject naturally switched to my PW project.

And when it comes to a PW project, the most representative document would be the Written Report.

Of course all my PW materials are long gone from my hard drive so I relied on my 5 years and counting of Gmail archives. Sure enough it was there. Written report 18 Oct OFFICIAL.docx.

Turned out the structure of our WR has much in common with the structure of our proposal, so I told her which part of our WR did what, whether or not we had to gather others' opinion and stuff (which was a concern with our proposal that we were supposed to meet and discuss)... and the memories started to kick in. How in the beginning we were not really on the same page, divided among ourselves in our opinions; how we finally got together working with the idea but with so many challenges; how we overcame every single of them; the long hours of meetings, drawing our own diagrams and figures (MS Paint is awesome), then coming up with speeches, slides and practice after practice... to a glorious end.

Thanks a lot Petrina, Andrew, Zhi Qi and Eric for being wonderful people to work with. I had never been working with any group anywhere close to a year so that was definitely a special experience. (And if any of you read this and need a copy of our WR for any purpose, you can either search your email just like me or ask me for a copy and I'll deliver it. In PDF form.)

Emotions aside, she was quite impressed after I described the whole process what we have done in the span of one year. And we had a better idea on what we were going to write in our proposal. After all, it does look like a mini-WR.

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