The final installment. Credits to my cheeky VPI for guessing this number right. Although it's for slightly different meanings and slightly different times.

16, for what's next. #vnntu16? #ce16? 2016?

You get the idea. I used to think that after one year of doing so many things at once, I would sit back and take a long good rest. Then I realize I still have a bit of fire left in my systems; my hands still itchy to try new things. Plus I don't have a tendency to decline when my (close) friends need help. And if I don't do anything my life will be boring as hell.

So for every friend of mine who made that choice to focus on other things after this year, I wish you a very happy retirement. Certainly not for me.

Starting with #ce16, "CE office hours =))" would definitely go on! I could not deny an opportunity to fix things that are broken and to have one more fun and meaningful year with CE. That opportunity is doing pubs, and I'll definitely attempt to do a proper job this year, though highly doubt I could go over expectations. So far so good, CE16-0001 went well, first "field trip", first time on DSLR AND firing manual (courtesy of JL-boss), insane fun not less because of our amazing event organisers. Looking forward to 0002 and beyond, many plans are in place, and of course looking forward to having (hopefully many) subcomm.

For something that is entirely fun, the decision was easy. It was harder to make up my mind when it came to #vnntu16; the pressure is real, it's something near and dear to my heart and I wasn't completely sure I could handle that spectacular cosine curve a second time. Then again, friends are my greatest sources of motivation; there is the surreal feeling of seeing the same people fresh and ready to face the odds once more. In the end I tried not to think so much and just go for it; so pending interview results, I should either be doing the thing I'm most exceptional at (3-term FC haha), or assembling my team of mercenaries for the greatest challenge of pubs (once again). It's weird to return to the board after one year on top, but I'm excited for the possibilities (as the words in brackets suggest).

For hall, I had great memories as a hall player for 18. And I had always declined a rec offer (when I was told over the phone or via whatsapp while the discussion was taking place) on the grounds of having "enough" points. And while the first time I did have enough, sadly for the second time this year I had to join 377 other 15-pointers ahead of the waitlist. The immediate effect is that I have to clear my room by 15/7; the not-so-immediate one, I might not have the chance to play for 18 once again since there's no guarantee that 18 will have an empty double room by Aug. While it's still possible, I would like to thank my captains and managers for letting me play for the past two years.

The sad part aside, of course moving to a new hall comes with new opportunities; not less the cheaper rental rates, you get to join a different sports team. And speaking of sports, I came to the unfortunate conclusion that my days as a GK are more or less over. Running and playing football are not as compatible; and as I run more and more especially on the long distance discipline, I certainly feel my body slowing down. Couldn't get good touches, couldn't think as fast. Occasional GK-ing is fine, but if it requires the highest level of concentration I'm afraid I couldn't do it anymore. This means that I'll do a lot more running next year. Suffered certain setbacks recently, especially at Sundown where I didn't improve upon previous timings for the first time in roughly two years; but I believe after a period of good rest I should be up and running good again. Goal is to PB my half-m once again at SCMS, hard but shall not be impossible.

Next year is also year 3, and it's natural to start thinking about life beyond uni. And for that, you have to be really pragmatic. The amount of things that were done for the past year really took a toll on my grades; and while sem 1 was a bit of a half-luck, sem 2 was rather terrible. Think of it this way: in order to keep my scholarship, simple maths is to score every mod above the threshold; and for the first time I got one under. No big deal just 3 out of 64 graded credits, but good enough of a warning sign. Plus it contributes a sizable dent in my overall grades. Another thing, I was stressed for time when it comes to internship and stuff. Wasn't helped when I missed the deadline for IA...

...but when I think of this in a positive way, it's all in the past already I no longer have to take these dreadful mods. The silver lining is that although I might have picked the wrong major, the minor selection is spot on. Maths sort of helps me decide what I'm doing next, and in the case of IA, even if I had to go the longer route, the end result is something that hopefully would pay off: a research internship in school, with the-prof-who-restores-my-faith-in-profs, plus the pleasant surprise of an SPMS colleague, plus if I do well, prof would take me in for FYP. So it feels like even though I don't really know what I'm doing, but I know exactly what I'm going to do.

And also, no summer internship so I have plenty of time to write this. Bring it on, 16.


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